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P. sect. Philodendron

TYPE: P. grandifolium (Jacq.) Schott

Philodendron sect. Philodendron in Central America is both large and diverse, and like P. sect. Calostigma (a discussion of which follows) it is further subdivided here into subsections.

With 38 species (40 taxa) P. sect. Philodendron is the largest section in P. subg. Philodendron in Central America. Philodendron sect. Philodendron is characterized by having axile placentation and typically many ovules per locule but, owing to its size and diversity, there are no other characters that completely characterize the group. Philodendron sect. Polyspermium, (according to the code (Art. 21) it must now be P. sect. Philodendron) was subdivided by Krause into six groups "Gruppen", (termed subsections by Mayo, 1990). These subsections will be discussed here, especially in relation to the Central American species.

Subsections of P. sect. Philodendron