ContentsP. ser. PhilodendronP. subsect. Achyropodium

P. ser. Velveta ser. nov.

TYPE: P. gigas Croat

Internodia brevia, maxime crassa; cataphylla D-formata, persistens in fibris tenues; petiolus subteres; lamina ovata-cordata, bicolorata, velutina adaxiliter, impolitum abaxialiter, 81-125 cm longa, 37-90 cm lata.

Etymology: From velvetum meaning velvet, referring to the velvety upper surfaces of the blades.

The subsection consists of a single species, P. gigas in Central America but would also include P. andreanum Devansaye from northern Colombia. The group is characterized by its stout stems, short internodes, cataphylls which persist as thin fibers, subterete petioles and especially by the very large, narrowly ovate-cordate blades which are velvety and bicolored on the upper surface with the midrib and primary lateral veins paler, and paler and matte on the lower surface. Inflorescences range up to 7 per axil.