ContentsP. sect. TritomaphyllumP. sect. Polytomium

P. sect. Schizophyllum (Schott) Engl.,
Martius, Fl. Bras. 3(2): 144. 1878.
TYPE: P. pedatum (Hook.) Kunth (designated by Mayo,1990).

The section is a small but natural group of 6-7 scandent species with irregularly pedatisect leaves, 3-4 ovules per locule and sometimes scaly petioles, primarily restricted to eastern South America and the Amazon basin, but with one species, P. pedatum more widespread and ranging to northwestern Colombia. The species may occur in Central America based on the citation by horticulturist John Hall of Costa Rica who reported such a plant from the Osa Peninsula. Unfortunately no material was collected and this citation can not be confirmed.