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Flowering only in dry season

One of the most unusual flowering categories and a relatively small one with only 7 species is a group of species that is believed to flower only during the dry season (January to April in Central America). This group is diverse and difficult to discern. Some of the species, such as P. bakeri, P. brewsteriense, P. chirripoense, P. edenudatum, P. folsomii, and P. knappiae, occur in wet to very wet areas, some of them in areas where weather conditions are so bad in general during the rainy season that it may be more efficient to compete for pollinators during the dry season (which would not be very dry in any event). Philodendron dwyeri is unusual in that it flowered at the beginning of the dry season in an area that in general is quite dry in the dry season. It is known from only a single individual and may have represented an unusual out of phase flowering.