Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 27, Number 1 (2004); Pages 2-37
Chlorospatha of Antioquia (Colombia)
By Thomas B. Croat and L. P. Hannon     (Buy)


This paper treats all the species of Chlorospatha from the Department of Antioquia in Colombia. A total of 8 new species are described, all of which are endemic to Colombia. These are C. amalfiensis Croat & L. Hannon, C. antioquiensis Croat & L. Hannon, C. betancurii Croat & L. Hannon, C. callejasii Croat & L. Hannon, C. cogolloi Croat & L. Hannon, C. luteynii Croat & L. Hannon, C. macphersonii Croat & L. Hannon and C. nicolsonii Croat & L. Hannon. Four additional previously described taxa (3 species; 1 subspecies) occur in Antioquia, namely C. corrugata Bogner & Madison, C. gentryi Grayum, C. mirabilis (M. T. Masters) Madison, and C. croatiana Grayum ssp. enneaphylla Grayum, and are included in a key to the species in Antioquia.


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