Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 20, Number 1 (1997); Pages 71-78
Gynmostachys anceps R. Br.: Fruit
By Dorothy E. Shaw     (Buy)


Fruit of G. anceps is described, including the presence of a cavity at the apex of the endosperm. Germination occurred without dormancy in 34-40 days, with seedlings producing cataphylls before the first foliar leaf. Roots of seedlings were plump, lacked root hairs, were sparsely branched, and had proximal transverse wrinkles indicative of contractile roots. Possible means of dispersal are discussed, but observations support the contention that the fruit is passively dispersed, i.e. after abscission it falls to the ground around the mother plant and germinates among or under leaf litter and other debris.


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