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1. The names of authors in the index appear as they did in Aroideana. The errors and variants of non-English names are included for historical accuracy.

For example, Betsy Feuerstein appears as B. Feuerstein and B. Fuerstein, also Li Hen and Li Heng appears to be the same person.

2. The journal has not been consistant with the way that names have been handled. In particular, names of oriental origin may appear in an article with the surname first and the given name(s) following it, but the same name may appear in another article in the western fashion with surname following the given name. For this reason, if you are trying to find articles by an author from Asia, check the author by switching the position of the names.

For example, Nguyen Van Du, Nguyen Van Dzu, Van Du Nguyen, and V.D. Nguyen appear to be the same person.