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  Re: [Aroid-l] ID needed - The Curse of Auto-Focus
From: "Weaver, Bill" <bill.weaver at hp.com> on 2008.09.12 at 23:36:17

I have found that many cameras will exhibit this behavior if the object in the foreground is too close for it to
physically focus on and is simply ignored in favor of something it can focus on. This being said, I have seen and
purchased several digital cameras with a 'macro' setting that reverses this problem and focuses quite nicely on
the itty bitty thing in the foreground.
To check if your digital camera has such a capability, look for a 'focus' setting or button and set it to 'macro'
or 'close-up' or the setting that displays the little flower icon.
Hope this helps.

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The blurry picture of the bloom is the result of that idiotic feature of "modern" cameras called "Auto-Focus". Notice how the far background comes in nice and sharp? In the old days (don't I sound like a real fogy?) the photographer made a simple adjustment so whatever she or he wanted to be in focus WAS in focus. Now that little artistic and scientific task is presumed by some computer chip that don't know nuthin. It is especially bad when it comes to close-ups.  In Cyndi's picture the overwhelmingly dominant feature she wanted to depict is completely ignored by Auto-Focus in favor of 2% of the frame that even the most amateur of picture-takers would know was not where the focus was intended. You'd think the camera would at least focus on whatever is in the center, target area of the screen. But no, it looks around for something it fancies and that's what you get, like it or not. This is not Cyndi's fault. She is the victim.

My digital does this too, and as far as I can figure it can't be switched off. I guess I'll have to spring for a more expensive camera in order to NOT get that feature built in. Sheesh.

A little good-natured rant to end the week. Now back to plants.


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09/11/2008 07:57 PM
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[Aroid-l] ID needed

Does anyone know what this plant is? Found it at a local garden center. Sorry for the blurry pic of the bloom!


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