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  Re: [Aroid-l] great Photos from Joep Moonen!
From: "Windy Aubrey" <exotics at hawaii.rr.com> on 2009.01.31 at 23:22:39
I stand corrected.
I believe Dr. Tom is correct that this plant in question is a form of A. macrolobum, the hybrid I mentioned in my reply to what the image from Joep might be. 
I re-examined my A. pedatoradium and they are a little different, being thinner lobed.
The A. macrolobum (A. pedatoradium X A. clarinervium) I saw before had more of the parent A. clarinervium's white veining, so for that reason I was thrown off, but the leaf shape was identical to the plant shown in the image you showed.
I will post a picture of the A. pedatoradium I received from Chiapas.  They are just started to grow out.
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Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 7:00 PM
Subject: Re: [Aroid-l] great Photos from Joep Moonen!

Thanks Windy.  I'll pass that along to Joep.


Windy Aubrey wrote:
Hi Steve,
I believe the species you are showing from Joep's collection is the Mexican species A. pedatoradiatum. 
At least it looks like ones I imported from Chiapas last year.
There is also a hybrid of this species crossed with A. clarinervium, another Mexican species, and although it has the same palmately lobed appearing leaf as the Pedatoradium parent, it also exhibits the white veining of the Clarinervium parent, thus making it an extremely attractive plant.
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Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2009 12:11 PM
Subject: [Aroid-l] great Photos from Joep Moonen!

Joep Moonen sent these to me earlier today and all were photographed in French Guiana although he says they not native species.  These are not identified and both of us would like an ID.  Can anyone add a name to them?


Steve Lucas

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