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  Re: [Aroid-l] Birthday Presents!
From: santoury at aol.com on 2010.08.31 at 00:37:44
Hey there! A friend was visiting, and just left - so I've been out of the loop for a few days! 
You are right, about needing somebody to maintain this info base, for the birthdays and plants - and making sure people don't get unwanted stuff! (I would never complain, though! :)  ) 
So, please feel free to have me go ahead and start this new aspect of aroid-l. I have not gotten any feedback, other than your email, Steve, so I hope I didn't offend anybody, or make anybody feel uncomfortably "out in the open." Please understand that I see this as a fun way to get some camaraderie going, in a more tangible manner - sending gifts to each other, that is, while, of course, getting surprises in the mail, which is always fun. 
Basically, we would send each other plant / seed / book? gifts on each other's birthdays - no obligations, just for fun, as well as helping each other build our collections. 
So, if you feel this is a good place to start, then I would like to kick-off this idea by requesting the following:  

1. If you want to be part of this, let me know - I'll take down your name, your address, and your birthday. (Year is optional!)
2. If you are one of those who would rather get specific plants, please list such plants that you are open to receiving. (If you don't care, please let me know, also.) 
3. If you prefer to remain anonymous, but would like to participate, email me directly, and I'll handle the shipping to/from you.
4. Anybody can be a "giver." And again, there's no obligation. 

I will post each person's birthday-coming-up approximately 2 weeks in advance, so that we all have time to figure out what we want to do. Mine is actually September 10, but I don't feel it's kosher to start it off myself! So I'll put my name out next year! 
How does this all sound, guys?   Please feel free to make suggestions ! 
Thanks, Jude

Could be a good idea.  What we would need is someone to set up the list and maintain it on a regular basis.  We would also need to know what types of aroids and individual prefers since not all members collect everything but tend to be specialists.  To do this requires a volunteer to set up and maintain the list on a consistent basis.


On 8/26/2010 12:10, santoury@aol.com wrote:
Hi guys,
I'm sure you must know me by now from my fairly frequent notes! Hopefully nobody minds. 
Tonight, I was thinking, what do I want for my birthday, which is coming up, incidentially - and of course, I said to myself, "plants." Is it just me, or am I totally over the edge? 
So, that got me thinking.... hey, why don't we make a brand new tradition on here for us all? If we can compile a list of everybody's birthday (Those who want to participate, anyway), then on each of our birthdays, we each send that person one plant (or several) - We will all have different plants at different times, so we can pick them at random - what do you guys think? 
I think it would be a fun way for all of us to connect, or feel more connected, and get birthday presents from each other? (For those who are overseas, we can send / receive seeds or dormant stuff?) 
What do you guys think? 

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