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  Re: [Aroid-l] Araceae Juss. 1789
From: Alistair Hay <ajmhay at hotmail.com> on 2011.11.20 at 06:41:48
Linnaeus did not recognise families. His system was based on numbers of floral parts and often grouped unrelated plants together. Aroids were put in 'Gynandria Polyandria'=2C along with Grewia (Tiliaceae/Malvaceae) and Zostera (Zosteraceae).

Arum was the other one.

Date: Sat=2C 19 Nov 2011 22:47:26 -0600
From: Thomas.Croat@mobot.org
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Subject: Re: [Aroid-l] Araceae Juss. 1789

Dear Marak: =3B I believfe that Linnaeus did recognize the Araceae but he recognized only 4 genera=2C as I recall they were Pothos=2C Dracontium and Calla plus one other genus. The genera were very artificial and later Schott and others added many more genera=2C like Anthurium. =3B All the earliest Anthurium species were described in Pothos.




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This was always a question for me and I've never tried to find the answer so far.

If the family name Araceae was stated in 1789=2C in what family did Linnaeus place the aroids?



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