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  Re: [Aroid-l] Colour Pictures in Aroidiana
From: Christopher Rogers <branchiopod at gmail.com> on 2011.11.21 at 16:57:32
Well met, Greg!
I also am very appreciative of the the efforts of Derek and the others who volunteer their time to make this wonderful journal, the newsletter and the website=A0happen.
To one and all:=A0the issue is simply this: if someone wants to submit colour and pay for it, they may. It is the author's decision. The newsletter is published as a .pdf with colour pictures. Maybe we can add a supplement to the newsletter with colour versions of pictures in the journal . . . however it is first and foremost up to the authors whether they want their work published in colour. Another option, would be that all photos submitted to the journal would be added in to the appropriate taxonomic gallery on the website.
Many good reasons have been given as to why colour is not always the best choice. There has long been a dichotomy in the IAS membership in that it is a combination of horticulturalists AND scientists. We need both. Each side learns from the other. It is truly difficult to balance a journal such that it caters to=A0these two very different groups. Invariably, someone will not like the journal regardless of what is done. So, the journal is produced to be as balanced and pleasing to all as is possible. If there is something that you want to see in the journal, write an article about it (or convince someone else) and submit it.
I think there was some talk awhile ago of having the newsletter be more horticultural and the journal more scientific. Maybe this would help. Remember that having our journal being a scientific periodical raises the journal's credibility, increases the library subscriptions, and increases the number of submissions. Remember the last issue of the journal had six horticultural submissions out of 16.=A0 If we did not have as many scientific manuscripts submitted, we might not=A0have a journal.
Happy days,

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 4:09 PM, Greg Ruckert <greg@alpacamanagement.com> wrote:
This is an important discussion and I hope it doesn't degenerate to personal abuse or further disparaging remarks.
Not everyone sees paper publications as clutter!=A0 I have been involved in and used the internet, almost since its beginning, but still prefer using hard copy when it comes to important matters.
Aroideana has been around for many decades, servicing both the hobbyist and professional botanist.=A0 I believe, in that regard, the IAS is unique.
Digital is not everything, and, as some of the professionals on this list have alluded to, has its own problems in relation to photographs.
This is actually a part of a much larger discussion that the board of the IAS needs to have regarding the future of the IAS and what it offers.
The professionals can publish information in a range of other publications which makes life harder for those of us who don't have access to those publications.=A0 This would be our loss.
If some chose not to pay the pittance that is our annual membership because Aroideana is not published in full colour then that is their loss.
I have seen comments from individuals that they won't join the IAS because they might only access the website once or twice a year.=A0 I use it a few times per week!
As one of the non-professional I say "What the Hell?"=A0 On average I spend more money on plants/seeds per week than what one year's membership (including my copy of Aroideana) costs me.
Maybe there needs to be a balance between professionals wanting black and white or line drawings versus the "eye-candy" of glorious colour pictures.
What must not be lost sight of is the incredible value of our organisation, the work it does and its publications (both hard copy and internet based).
What must also be kept in mind is the wonderful work that is done by volunteers within our society.=A0 I, personally, give them ALL my thanks and appreciation to them.
For most of us we put in a small amount of money and receive access to a phenomenal resource.
It would be good to see those that want change putting in effort to do something within the IAS to bring about change or improvement.
While on my soapbox, I have also seen negative comments about the CATE-Araceae website.=A0 This site is part of a much bigger botanical vision but has the potential to be the most incredible resource for aroid nuts.=A0 There is a mountian of work to be done there but very few volunteers actually contributing.=A0 I have seen some of the capabilities in development on CATE and they are spectacular.
I welcome discussion but rather than critics these things all benefit by having more volunteers giving input!
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Also, not having piles of paper publications cluttering up my work area is another definite plus.=A0 I do, however, print and mail hard copies for the six remaining technologically challenged members of our club.

Sheldon Hatheway
Canby, Oregon

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