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  Re: [Aroid-l] Araceae Juss. 1789
From: "Tom Croat" <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2011.11.22 at 04:04:40

Dear Alistair:


Thanks for straightening me out on that matter!


I hope that you are happy and well. 


All the best,




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Linnaeus did not recognise families. His system was based on numbers of floral parts and often grouped unrelated plants together. Aroids were put in 'Gynandria Polyandria', along with Grewia (Tiliaceae/Malvaceae) and Zostera (Zosteraceae).


Arum was the other one.

Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2011 22:47:26 -0600
From: Thomas.Croat@mobot.org
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Subject: Re: [Aroid-l] Araceae Juss. 1789

Dear Marak:  I believfe that Linnaeus did recognize the Araceae but he recognized only 4 genera, as I recall they were Pothos, Dracontium and Calla plus one other genus. The genera were very artificial and later Schott and others added many more genera, like Anthurium.  All the earliest Anthurium species were described in Pothos.




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Subject: [Aroid-l] Araceae Juss. 1789




This was always a question for me and I've never tried to find the answer so far.

If the family name Araceae was stated in 1789, in what family did Linnaeus place the aroids?



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