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  *&*(^%$## Spider Mites!!
From: Jack Honeycutt jhoneycutt at uswest.net> on 2001.01.10 at 01:28:00(5832)
Fellow and lady Aroiders....

I over winter my Aroids and other plants in my basement under plant lights
for the winter here in Portland Oregon.

I have been attacked by spider mites.

I have been washing the plants with the detachable shower head in the tub
in the bathroom. But the mites return. I am ready for some other
solution. I'll use chemicals, atomic weapons, what ever it takes.


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2001.01.10 at 03:44:08(5833)
Hi Jack,

How is the Typhonodorum doing??
Brian now has a bunch of seed of this! (pugturd50@hotmail.com)



From: jim singer jsinger at igc.org> on 2001.01.10 at 03:46:22(5834)
i'd try a systemic approach. mix a capful of cygon in a gallon of water and
water your plants. a couple of treatments ought to do it.

At 07:27 PM 1/9/01 -0600, Jack Honeycutt wrote:

From: "newton" newton at coiinc.com> on 2001.01.10 at 03:46:37(5835)
Those mites sap a plant fast, especially in DRY heat. I use an indoor
insecticide made by Raid, which works quickly on spider mites. Plus,
increase the humidity with a gravel tray filled with some water under your
plants or a humidifier in the room, close to the plants. Mites don't do as
well with higher humidity. Test the spray on a plant first and see if there
is any adverse reaction for a day or two, but I have had no problems. Read
the label.

From: "John Presnell" jcpresnell at earthlink.net> on 2001.01.10 at 03:46:51(5836)

If you have access to a growers' supply house, either 'Pentac' or 'Mavrik'
work great. Pentac may have been discontinued. I use them on orchids and
aroids will no ill effect on the plants. When applied 3X at 10 day
intervals the effects are extremely long lasting


From: "Jeff&jodi Rosenstiel" jjjj at winternet.com> on 2001.01.10 at 03:47:05(5837)
Hi Jack
I use safer insecticidal soap, use it all winter, once or twice a week or
so, seems the plants growing under the lights get the spider mites, the ones
in the green house do not? weird how that works, doesn't seem to effect the
plants at all, but does get rid of the mites, but you have to keep at it at
good luck
jeff rosenstiel
From: Lester Kallus lkallus at earthlink.net> on 2001.01.10 at 12:25:33(5839)
I've finally found a cure (for me at least) which has been a piece of cake
to use and which has controlled the mite problem easily.

I started the winter season with one application of an insecticidal fog
(from Raid). Unfortunately, I left it in the room for a bit longer than
recommended and so damaged some of the more delicate leaves. I haven't had
to repeat that since.

I then purchased an electric sprayer from Black & Decker to facilitate
application of insecticides. I then applied Volks Oil alternating
semi-weekly with insecticidal soap. For the first time ever, I've made it
into January with no mites, no mealy bug and no toxic chemicals. The last
big application was about a month ago. Two weeks ago I found spider mite
on two plants and controlled those with just a hand sprayer.

I have access to several relatively big-time poisons but have made it
through with nothing more complex than oil and soap. I can't say enough
good things about the electric sprayer.l It hasn't clogged and it's been a
piece of cake to recharge given that it uses the same batteries as my dust
buster & electric screw driver.

Good luck with your infestations. You may well be able to control them
with something less potent than radioactive cobalt.

From: GeoffAroid at aol.com on 2001.01.10 at 15:25:35(5841)

I have the same problem and have also considered nuclear warheads but suspect
they would survive that also, they have survived everything else! Seriously
the best solution is to purchase predatory mites (Phytosuelus) which feed on
the Spider mites - poetic justice.

Geoff Kibby

From: Jmh98law at aol.com on 2001.01.11 at 02:34:15(5846)
Isn't it true that different pests have different life cycles? I know, for example, that one kind of mealy bug has a 6 day life cycle, thus I need to spray every six days at least three times to get rid of them. Pepper spray works well on them and is non-toxic.

Wouldn't it be important when tackling pests to determine (1) the identity of the pest, and (2) the life cycle of that pest in order to establish frequency of spraying needed to destroy them?

Also, Jack, I never spray toxic stuff in the house or in the attached greenhouse. My two Siamese cats are well-trained, but not *that* well -trained. Even though they know they are not allowed in the greenhouse, they sometimes go in there. I would not want them to walk anywhere I'd "oversprayed" and get residue on their paws, then lick them.

I don't even spray with toxic substances for spring and fall when I could do it outside to avoid poisoning my pets.

Jeanne M. Hannah

From: Jack Honeycutt jhoneycutt at uswest.net> on 2001.01.11 at 04:05:20(5848)
At 09:45 PM 1/9/2001 -0600, you wrote:

>Hi Jack,
>How is the Typhonodorum doing??
>Brian now has a bunch of seed of this! (pugturd50@hotmail.com)


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