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  Variegated Travelers palm and tissue culture
From: Scott Hyndman hyndman at aroid.org> on 2001.03.24 at 17:28:47(6072)
Regarding the tissue culturing of Ravenala, I have read successful protocols
for the micropropagation of Strelitzia, so I am sure that with slight
modifications the same could be applied to Ravenala. Keep in mind that
there is probably a time lag of about two to three years before producing
viable plantlets after initiating cultures providing the culture initiation
goes without any hitches.

The question of getting stable variegated clones of the specimen in
discussion is another problem. I once tissue cultured a beautifully
variegated Alocasia macrorhizos only to get either all green or all albino
plantlets. The same happened with the variegated banana cultivar Aei-Aei.
In short, if the variegation is expressed as a stable chimera, and if the
multiplication of the tissue culture arises from precocious lateral buds,
then the chances of getting a clone of the mother plant is good. Without a
good description or image of the specimen in question to understand the type
of chimera, but with my experience with other variegated Zingaberales, my
guess is that it is not possible to micropropagate this unique Ravenala. It
is probably best to just find the plant a good home with a favorable outdoor
climate under the care of an experienced horticulturist to let it grow, and
maybe produce some good variegated suckers for distribution in the future.

Regards, Scott

From: Pugturd at aol.com on 2001.03.24 at 18:29:51(6076)
but has not been done before as I heard from a good friend in the business.
As for the variegation it is usually not stable in tissue culture.

From: StellrJ at aol.com on 2001.03.26 at 15:33:36(6080)
In a message dated 3/24/01 1:30:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, Pugturd@aol.com

<< From what I know no one has tissue cultured any Palm. >>

From: Pugturd at aol.com on 2001.03.26 at 16:34:21(6081)
I have just realized what it was about two seconds after sending out the
letter. LOL
Amateurs go figure

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