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  Please don't call Suwanee
From: "Gabe Thomas" CDANIELLE at prodigy.net> on 2001.03.28 at 00:15:53(6098)
Don the owner of Suwanee called me back. In short, they don't have a plant
that they've named Alocasia araceae and they don't have one that really fits
the description in the article. They make trips to Brazil where they collect
plants from nurseries and home owners. From these trips they've brought back
various known Caladiums, Alocasias and an unknown pink Aroid that he thinks
will probably turn out to be an Alocasia. I asked him if the unknown pink
was an aquatic, which the plant in the article is suppose to be, but he said
it wasn't. He is working with an Aroid expert to identify the genus of the
unknown, which they won't be able to do until it flowers. As for
availability of this plant, it's not. Don has several plants promised to
other people that were on the trip and they don't have it in large scale
production yet due to its slow growth. Beyond that they are wholesale only
so people please do not call inquiring about retail purchases. He was a bit
flustered that they had been mentioned in the article without them knowing
and without their permission. Don is going to notify me when the unknown
plant becomes available, but it won't be for a while. At that time he should
know at least what genus it belongs to. I WILL post any info I get to the
list. People interested in this plant please be patient. Don is leaving for
a couple weeks and is concerned that if today's volume of phone calls about
the article continues his daughter is going to have her hands full.

Gabe Thomas

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