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  World Spathiphyllum and Big Bang
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.04.28 at 03:40:40(6290)
Collecting Spathiphyllum in the 21st Century isn't easy. Maybe I'll grow
just the ordinary kinds that everybody else seems to grow, just the few
unless. I know little about Amorphophallus but obviously agree that both
quantity and quality are important and so I began to wonder about
what we call things and Big Bang. So, this is a little Stapelian breather
between AMP snortings.

From: SelbyHort at aol.com on 2001.04.28 at 13:47:33(6295)

Loved the rant. Your mention of Eugenics made my hair stand on end. I have
been reading a great deal about this subject lately. Seems one of the primary
movers in the American eugenics movement was a professor at the University of
Vermont (the state where I now live). The Germans came to the US and to
Vermont to study this "new science" of breeding better humans and a few years
later a fellow named Hitler played it all out for the world to see.

The NYC school of photography recently held a eugenics exhibition of images
from the early part of the 20th century that documented US efforts to
eliminate "undesirables and the feeble-minded" through massive state approved
sterilization campaigns in this country. People have already forgotten all
about this. Modern DNA recombinant research is bringing this issue all back
into focus. It is horrible to consider in light of past efforts that sought
to destroy our humanness for the sake of a so-called superior race.

You got it right....DNA is the ultimate biometric identifier. Fortunately
human rights issues and cost prevent human genetic identification from being
put in place on a wide scale, at least for the present. Will humans, in the
Darwinian sense, be "the one most responsive to change", and in so doing
choose to adopt and develop this technology as our species survival path?

Donna Atwood

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.04.30 at 02:23:42(6302)
Hi Donna!

Great! Thanks for the interest, care, and intelligence. Had expected a lead
balloon from Aroid L. Here in a cow-bog-pub land I suffer from peer
starvation and need to have conversations with myself to confirm that
everything still works. Spathiphyllum care and worship are part of my
fight to remain sane in temporary isolation. Got any nice kinds which ought
to be here as well as there and of course vice versa, please?!

Ireland is the self-chosen Devil's Island to which I escaped to continue
more and more as a freelance Nature's Free Spirit. I have a wonderful and
large residential Studio exclusive to one of West Cork's loveliest
waterfronts. I see no point in work unless moving molecules is meaningful.
It is better to work hard at play child-like in order to find meaning with
feeling. I now help people to become whole by discovering their real selves
with the wonderful Voices which represent what they are at best.
(Psycho-somatic Programming through Voice). I was a Naturalist
re-disciplined as a Zoologist and wondered disbelievingly in various major
power groups where I was regulated, censored, temporarily silenced, never
cornered nor head subserviently bowed or bloodied. I never conformed or
compromised on principles which I considered profoundly detrimental to
posterity. Not being conveniently feeble minded, but undesirable as a cog
in a stupid power control machine, I confess to being a joyful failure, in
fact causing the whole aforesaid machine sometimes to fail to meaningful
benefit. The sagas are more amazing than much fiction but that's all
together or nothing follow my leader groupism. This is the latest part of a
life of re-finding the transparency and unbridled wonder of my early
childhood before defensive mind interfered too much on sentry duty. I am
glad to say that I have yet to succeed in being a complete success in my own
heart at anything but striving is wonderful, joyful and momentarily even
Bliss. I do not know what role the frightening experience I have of how
Big Brother puppets will play in my re-directing evolution a little to where
it would have otherwise taken the glory for Man the Wise.

I feel Eugenics is imminently already succeeding where Hitler with his overt
crudity failed. The flood gates are open because of mob conformity,
extremely accurate subliminal indoctrination and promotion of powerless
uniformed protest worry groups who can be placated and easily fooled. The
irreversible stages I believe are already here. De-tribalised material
human beings are most responsive to change to all human technology which
benefits (or appears to benefit) mob nuclei. Thge most puppeted are
Presidents and other self seeking posterity oblivious thickies.

I have a Classical Recording Studio. Digital Recording is PERFECT? Huh!
Edison early 20th C squirms.
And so it is for all socially seductive, impressive dictatorial technology.

Spathiphyllum are to me the most beautifully simple and elegant of all
plants and are an element in creative inspiration. I am only interested
in how and why they are. Names, what they are only necessary for consensus
reference between human minds not hearts.

Here endeth the unsolicited mumble in appreciation of your kind response to
my naivety.

Cheers from the Heart


From: Durightmm at aol.com on 2001.04.30 at 02:23:55(6303)
If that is not bad enough ex Senator Lamm of Colorado advocated withholding
all support for cirtizens over 74 years , but then generously raised it to
80. He felt they should do the right thing and just die. They would have
served their usefulness. Joe

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.04.30 at 02:24:24(6305)
Sorry this should have only gone to Donna at Selby email address but it
its way to Aroid L. So I now write a less tired and hopefully more
From: Rand Nicholson writserv at nbnet.nb.ca> on 2001.04.30 at 14:36:33(6319)
>If that is not bad enough ex Senator Lamm of Colorado advocated withholding
>all support for cirtizens over 74 years , but then generously raised it to
>80. He felt they should do the right thing and just die. They would have
>served their usefulness. Joe

I should like to attend ex-Senator Lamm's 80th birthday party.

Kind Regards,

Rand Nicholson

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.04.30 at 18:48:02(6329)
Hi again Rand! You shock me! Surely you wouldn't go to his party with a
compressed cylinder of stinky fragrance or a hypodermic of Dumb Cane Sap?
Please be cautious. Don't be hasty. Behind the exigent political shop
window he may befacade fellah and collect Spaths as symbols of his
dedication to Peace and Bliss. We wouldn't want to lose those would we?
Would a quick cheek scrape for DNA reveal if he had reverence for all Life
like us or if he was an early GMO?

The message coming back is that the only Spaths Americans now have their
wives bought from the local supermarket? It's all very ominous. .

Gosh this is FUN!


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