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  Composting!!! Do's and don'ts!!!
From: angel morales angel151 at earthlink.net> on 2002.04.05 at 20:57:16(8481)
Hi Aroiders,
I was just thinking about compost , and all the hoopla, made about it;
albeit , good though, and all the benefits that plants derive from great
compost medium mixed into the potting medium of plants in general - more to
the point; does any one within our list of Aroiders, maintain or utilize
compost made by them , or either from a commercial composter in their area ,
and incorporate it into their potting mix , either in their container
plants, which is how I maintain my plants as I don't have access to a
garden, and what if any are the inherent risk of incorporating compost into
their aroids potting medium. This subject is open to all Aroid junkies.


From: Tom and Ann Kline TomAnnKline at worldnet.att.net> on 2002.04.06 at 02:31:44(8484)
Dear Angel, it is all but impossible to make compost unless you have a garden.
I know, there are garden magazines full of small composters that make enough
compost for one or two pots. I have a 1/3 acre garden in northern Virginia and
I haven't thrown a single thing down on the street to be picked up as refuse for
sixteen years. I mine bags and bags of compost that we sift to use for the
garden and potting continually, black gold we call it. But that is one of the
pluses of having a garden. All we do is cut/break all branches and shoots into
6 to 12 inch lengths and throw them on the pile along with any weeds etc that
are removed from the garden over the years and rake out the finished compost
from the bottom. I have neither the time nor the strength to do anything more,
but I have literally hundreds of assorted aroids growing in my garden all fed
with the wonderful stuff whenever I remember to to do it. Ann Kline, Falls
Church, Virginia USDA Zone 7A

From: "Marge Talt" mtalt at hort.net> on 2002.04.06 at 02:32:23(8486)
I've been making compost for more than 30 years. Use it, screened,
as a basic ingredient in the potting soil I make and use for
everything I grow - aroid and non-aroid. Could not garden without
compost! A compost pile is something, IMO, that every gardener who
has the space for one should maintain.

Marge Talt, zone 7 Maryland

From: angel morales angel151 at earthlink.net> on 2002.04.09 at 03:33:19(8502)
I was thinking about trying my hands on an in-door compost, making set-up,
called , "Vermi-compost". What are your thoughts on this type of a set-up?;
as I do not have access to a garden at the moment , but , really think as
you do , that , every one should perhaps if they haven't already done so,
reconsider doing so : indoor composting (Vermi-compost). angel

From: "Celeste Whitlow" politicalamazon at charter.net> on 2002.04.09 at 04:35:39(8503)
I don't know...the name makes me think that it is done with worms, which are
fine in the appropriate setting, but indoors is usually not considered one
of the appropriate settings.

Sign me,
Prissy in Arroyo Grande.


From: angel morales angel151 at earthlink.net> on 2002.04.09 at 15:37:49(8504)
Hey Celeste,
Yes, you are absolutely right , about , the use of worms for the starter
material ( organism). I don't know of any other technique, barring, an
actual garden , or a container ( bin-compost) , that would allow me to make
this black gold that is so revered and in demand. angel

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