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  New IAS website additions
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2003.02.27 at 21:46:41(10015)
It is quite wonderful to see the enormous increases in the Web Site for
which we can all be so very gratefull to Wilbert & his Associates.

I would like to add photos of Spathiphyllum. As I think Isaid before,
Wilbert, for over ten months I have been in the single handed traumas of
major downsizing & change in where & how I live. The entire Spathiphyllum
Collection had to be moved into emergency accomodation in dead of Winter.
They have suffered very badly & I am still trying to save them all in
unfavourable conditions. Due to Planning restrictions in areas of
outstanding Natural Beauty new housing is not possible in the near future &
I can no longer afford either new investment or the past high maintenance
costs. Shedding to other "Arks" seemed the only depressing choice. The
Arks needed to be geographically close to be moved in the winter cold. I
needed to recoup some of my costs but have only had offers to "accept free"
in the Old World from Collections who wanted them also delivered free. A
Florida Tissue Culture Firm is keen to help as soon as the weather is warm
enough for transport. Meanwhile the difficulties of keeping them alive are
horrendous. As shade plants they are reacting very badly to the Sodium
Grolux lights with their infra-red content & a few may have a pathogen which
could have insinuated into the Collection possibly from tissue cultured
plants planted out previously in Florida & received as "jungle quality.
Opportunity for pathogen or pest control in the present crises housing is
minimal. Moving is one of the great traumas of Life. The continuing fight
to save the Collection has imposed enormous logistic & vocational strains on
this "one man band". I understand the seriousness behind the fun
requesting I get off my arse & do something about photos for the IAS Web
Site but I can only do what is possible according to real life priorities.
I was an idealistic Spathiphyllum specialist in my SPARE time only for a
couple of years & in that time the massive time allocated made possible the
fully paid for acquisition of the largest assemblage of different.forms in
one place maybe in history. Throughout the demands by others & myself on my
scarce time, I have tried to keep an (in)sanity saving sense of humour & fun
& will continue to do so. So I would be request understanding & to request
that emails off-line especially be motivating & that the "different" &
sometimes deeper meaning humour be carefully read & accepted in the benign
ways to you intelligent people they were written. Not only is this a
personally stressful time for which I am not inviting sympathy, but what is
happening outside aroids in the Big Wide World, is profoundly worrying to
Humanists & Environmentalists. The natural heritages of tomorrow's
children are being destroyed, they & their parents are being barbarised more
& more from all sides. We live in times when to me there maybe was never a
greater need for World Understanding & above all, hugely greater emphases on
spirituality rather than materialism through Care & Love. Aside from my
stress diffusing satire & teasing, obvious in their true meanings which
should please not be exigently read as empty frivolity, I hope you can now
understand those most profound things which have always motivated me..first.

Ron Iles

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2003.03.01 at 07:07:30(10017)
Dear Ron,

Well, now there is a bunch of coherent lines in one message. This one I
could fully understand. It is indeed a horror to have to cut up a beloved
collection. Hell, even my own Amorphophallus collection may be up for grabs
one day (soon.......). Life goes on.....

No worry about the pix. When you get to it and you have some interesting
ones, we'll be happy to put them up.



From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2003.03.02 at 23:30:34(10022)
Thank you Wilbert for the always professional fun & compassion. Now that I
have learned to write coherently so as to be understood maybe I will have to
get really imaginative & be more subtle in what I write between the lines &
words? Anyway, I'm treading water, undecided as to the best for the
Spaths, to send them in weakened state to an Ark of unknown security or to
persevere here because it is now closer to Summer & somehow it may be easier
to get them back into their original peak condition to pass on or not later.

Photos of Spaths I will send snail as soon as the house move traumas end(?)
& I can get out of the huge number of boxes in this much smaller place. One
man's meat is another Man's poison...but I do so like my matter of fact full
of colourful, even pungent, ingredients, an acquired taste & some might say
I sometimes prepare the food to make it deliberately undigestible....May you
have your beloved Amorphophallus Collection for the next fifty years & long
may we read the kindly abrasive straight faced Dutch humour.

The Best & Thanks again


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