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From: "zach" r2ot at charter.net> on 2003.03.07 at 21:59:04(10030)
hello everyone-

does anyone here know a good way to get rid of fruit
flies,they must be breeding in the peat moss i used in my
soil this year.


From: Krzysztof Kozminski kk at kozminski.com> on 2003.03.09 at 05:03:56(10032)
On Friday, March 7, 2003, at 01:59 PM, zach wrote:

hello everyone-

does anyone here know a good way to get rid of fruit flies,they must
be breeding in the peat moss i used in my soil this year.

Don't leave fresh fruit around for them to eat :-)

Seriously, you probably have fungus gnats. Soil drench with BT worked
for me. See this URL:


for the specific product I used. Or just go to
http://www.gardensalive.com and search for fungus gnats.

The adults are attracted to yellow, but the commercial yellow sticky
traps are ridiculously overpriced. I use Tangle-Trap (or Tanglefoot) on
any yellow plastic. Yellow lids from large size Nesquick chocolate mix
are just about perfect.


From: "Derek Burch" derek at horticulturist.com> on 2003.03.09 at 12:32:50(10033)
Zach, chances are that you have either fungus gnats or shore flies, two
very common problems with soils rich in organic material. They are more
of a nuisance than a danger to the plant for most of our small-scale
growing, although they can be serious problems to a nursery if they turn
their attention to living root tissue. The larvae live in the upper
layers of the soil (medium), and are feeding on algae and fungi and dead
organic material. The best preventive is to let the top layers of the
medium dry out between waterings. This usually finishes off the larvae
by starving them of their food source, and the adult flies eventually go
on to fly heaven.
I did get a posting on my site discussion board that may be of interest
- I have not tried to follow through myself.
" This is to all of you who are troubled by fungus gnats. I used a
product from my local Pet Valu here in Toronto (hard luck if you can't
get it in the States, but try). Called Endalsect, and is intended as a
pet flea killer. It comes in an aerosol mousse; just cover the soil with
a spray,(once is enough) and let it dry off. That's it! No more fungus
gnats. It's a bit expensive, but it works." Derek

From: "S.P.J. Hoogma" s.p.j.hoogma at hccnet.nl> on 2003.03.09 at 18:02:52(10034)
You also can try planting: Drosera anglica, brevifolia, capillaris,
filiformis, intermedia, linearis or rotundifolia.
They all are winterhardy carnivorous plants and small insects will stick on

Sipke Hoogma

From: John Mortensen denko at pinehillzendo.org> on 2003.03.10 at 13:38:57(10036)
They are more likely fungus gnats. I have successfully eradicated them with
nematodes (biological control).


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