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  Changing Aroid-L settings
From: Steve Marak samarak at arachne.uark.edu> on 2003.03.10 at 16:17:50(10039)

We thought it was time for a refresher on how to change your subscriber
settings on Aroid-L, so here goes:

There are 2 ways - the easiest way is using the web interface. This
requires that you know your password for Aroid-L, which was sent to you
when you joined Aroid-L or when we switched you from the old server at
MoBot to the current server at NCSU. (And of course all of you saved that
introductory message with all of its valuable information, right? But if -
shame, shame - you didn't keep that e-mail and don't know your password,
you can request that it be e-mailed to you, on the web login page.)

The other way, which does not require the password but is more involved,
is via e-mail.

Here are examples of how to set yourself to "nomail" (temporarily not
receiving messages, such as when you will be away for a while) via both
interfaces are given below, since that's probably the most common request.

To change via the web:

in a browser, go to
click on the 'subscriber interface' button
then click on the 'unsubscribe or change settings' button
enter your email address and password and click the 'go' button
scroll down and click the button next to aroid-l; from the delivery
class pulldown menu,
choose 'no messages' and then click on 'set'

to return from nomail, use the same procedure, but instead of "no
messages", select the appropriate option.

from e-mail:

send the following, as the first and only line of text in your message:

set aroid-l nomail your-email-address


mj2@ncsu.list.edu (note this is NOT the address to which you send posts)

You'll receive a confirmation request. Follow the directions in that
(basically, replying with nothing but the word "accept"). To reverse the
change, do the same thing but use "nomail-return". Of course, substitute
your e-mail address where I have put "your-email-address" above.

This list processor is quite sophisticated and supports many options (for
example, you can tell it you wish to be set to nomail for the next x days
and then automatically be reset to receive messages without any further
action on your part). I encourage you to explore the web interface, or
send the command "HELP SET" to the above address, to see what all it can


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