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  TitanWatch 5/5/03 #4 Over exposed to amorphophallus fumes
From: "Craig Allen" callen at fairchildgarden.org> on 2003.05.06 at 02:39:42(10183)
TitanWatch 5/5/03 #4 Over exposed to amorphophallus fumes

This is my fourth and final TitanWatch update for today. Earlier when the camera crews were here the Titan was just beginning the production of stench. Now the TV cameras are gone, the photographers are gone, and my energy is gone. It's just my Amorphophallus titanum and I sitting here in the silent peaceful quiet. It sounds nice doesn't it? In actuality the air is foul and I feel like I've eaten a spoiled tuna fish sandwich. Audrey III really smells putrid at this moment. I'm in my office with all the doors and windows closed tight, but it isn't doing any good. Audrey III's malodorous perfume is getting in somehow. STENCH #5, it just doesn't have the same ring does it? I think I better apply the Wintergreen oil the coroner's office gave me to reduce nausea.

Earlier in the day as Audrey III was beginning to open I was surprised at the lack of stench. I can't say that now. Past Amorphophallus titanum blooms began to release their odor as soon as the Spathe started to spread out, not Audrey III. At this moment I am of the opinion that she was saving it up, just for me.

After the news media had left, Suzanne Kores, Fairchild's brave Marketing guru was taking lots of pictures to allow this short lived phenomenon to live on digital film. I came out of my office after my last short update, walked around the corner, and burst into laughter. Suzanne was completely flat on her back focusing her Nikon from the patio floor. "This is a great angle!" I got a photo before she could get up just to prove that Fairchild has a staff that is dedicated, professional... and perhaps has been exposed to a toxic amount of O'de Amorphophallus. .Flash... she took another photo. Now that is dedication. I can never thank her enough for all the "back" breaking work she has put into providing an opportunity for Titan fans everywhere to share in this event. If you enjoy the stories and pictures posted on the web, you have Suz to thank.

I'm making my last round to see Audrey III before I go home. It is her very first bloom, she is 90% open, and she is as beautiful as any bloom I have ever seen. Is this sort of like her prom night or something? Oops, I took a breath. Ugggggggggg! Our night security just passed me by wearing a painters mask. He wasn't thrilled about the exposure to the putrid odor all night long either.

TitanWatch Update:

Mr. Stinky 63 inches

Audrey III 73 inches (she grew another inch today even while coming into bloom. Very interesting)

A web link to the Miami Herald article


Craig M. Allen

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