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  Bognera recondita??
From: Mattlagem at aol.com on 2003.07.18 at 02:57:22(10405)
I am probably asking for the impossible (again), but I was wondering if
anyone is currently growing this plant or if it may be available from a
collection, (Bognera recondita) Thanks alot, Michael Mattlage

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2003.07.18 at 22:30:37(10409)
Dear Michael,

During Dr. Eduardo Goncalves' visit to the IAS Show at Fairchild Gardens last Sept., as part of his slide presentation he showed a slide of Bogneria in the wild. It was previously known only from sa few plants in widely scattered areas, but Eduardo had photographed it growing looking for all intents and purposes like a natural 'ground cover', hundreds of plants crowded together on the forest floor! The bad news is that he reported that it is difficult to keep alive in cultivation, and as far as I know no one has it here outside of Brazil, and exporting it or collecting it is nigh impossible at this time.
May I ask WHY you would want a plant that for all intents and purposes looks like a small, dull-green Spathphyllum, and bears a nondescript bloom? I thought that I was perhaps one of the only 'fools' that are interested in these 'plain-jane'-type aroids!
There are a few of the lesser known and less popular Neotropical genera around, and last year Ulearum donburnsii was available for sale at the show. Zomicarpella, Taccarum and Filarum are also in cultivation, and another interesting genus (Asian), Hapaline ('cousin' to the Neotropical Caladium and Xanthosoma) is also available from time to time.
Good luck and good growing!


From: Mattlagem at aol.com on 2003.07.19 at 02:07:47(10410)
Julius, a plain Jane 'type' aroid that resembles a 'dull green
Spathiphyllum with a nondescript bloom' can be a beauty in some eyes, right ? ;) An odd
monotype that is considered related to Dieffenbachia, found in the remotest
parts of Western Amazonia, and reportedly hard to cultivate! Thats just part of
the reason why these 'boring' little aroids interest us.
I do have a special interest in the Neotropical Aroids though. The S.A
Homalomenas and Schismattoglottis Really fascinate me, although most of those are
hard to get and grow as well. Alloschemone, should I go any further..?
Well I am upset I missed Eduardo's slide lecture last year. I was at the
show/sale but couldnt make it to the night's events. I would have killed to
see Bognera growing in the wild like that! Plus to hear and see the details of
trips to the field... Will Eduardo be at this years show?(I know he wont be
speaking, but perhaps just there?)
Thanks so much for your advice, Michael Mattlage

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