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  Alocasia robusta & macrorrhizos Borneo Giant
From: "Peter Boyce" peterboyce at myjaring.net> on 2003.11.16 at 07:59:41(10812)
Hi all

I've been having a very interesting email correspondence regarding A. macrorrhizos Borneo Giant vs. A. robusta and it seems that there are different plants circulating under the name 'Borneo Giant'.

For what they're worth here are some observations of A. robusta here in Borneo.

The juvenile stage of A. robusta has a rather smooth leaf with the veins on the undesurface not particularly prominent and it can look VERY different to mature plants (not just the size difference!) It is only when the plant begins to mature (c. 1 m or more tall) that the very pronounced veining on the lower leaf surface becomes prominent.

There are two ways of distinguishing A. robusta even as a young plant. One is that the undersurface of the leaf is coated with easily removed white powdery wax. The other is that cut tissue turns orange immediately on exposure to air.

Mature A. robusta are very easily distinguished from A. macrorrhizos by the way that the inflorescences appear. In A. robusta a large cluster of spathes, up to 40, is grouped in the centre of the plant; A. macrorrhizos produces inflorescences in twos or rarely threes at the base of each leaf. The lower spathe (the tubular part) is white with conspicuous red markings in A. robusta, it is pale green and un-marked in A. macrorrhizos.

Hope this helps some


From: "danny wilson" mudwasp_ at hotmail.com> on 2003.11.16 at 20:11:20(10819)
Thanks for that info on the two species. I am a big fan of A. rubusta and any information is always greatly appreciated.I am not growing A. robusta at the moment because i can't find any place to aquire one. Does anybody know a place that has them for sale?Thanks again to Peter for the info and thanks in advance for any information on possible sources for A. rubusta.-Danny Wilson
>From: "Peter Boyce"
>Reply-To: aroid-l@lists.ncsu.edu
From: "bamboochik" bamboochik at earthlink.net> on 2003.11.17 at 12:03:32(10821)
Try here: http://www.lorescotropicalplants.homestead.com/SuperbTropicalsPage.html

Loresco just sent me a quote at 40.00 a gallon but this does not cover shipping nor Phyto cert. so it will be quite costly.

Another is: http://www.malesiana.tropicals.com.my/index.html but the possibility of the plant getting to you alive after all the red tape is minimal.


From: "Dany Hervelle" bs246466 at skynet.be> on 2003.11.17 at 17:13:30(10822)
Hi all
I have order more than one time to malaysia tropicals and always receiving
the plants in good shape!!I don't know if usa is so longer than belgium....
regards to all

From: "Peter Boyce" peterboyce at myjaring.net> on 2003.11.17 at 23:10:19(10825)
We ship regualarly to the US and seldom have problems with red-tape and dead
PROVIDED the recipient has their paperwork in place for when the plants
arrive at US Customs!


From: Harry Witmore harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2003.11.17 at 23:28:08(10826)
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From: "Peter Boyce" peterboyce at myjaring.net> on 2003.11.18 at 05:20:32(10828)

This one came through empty.


From: Harry Witmore harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2003.11.18 at 23:06:43(10832)
Well maybe 3 times is the charm but I will try and post this one more time

I ordered from Malasiana Tropicals a year or so back and most things were
not in good shape when I got them but they were more than willing to
replace them although I have never taken them up on it. The problem seemed
to be the packing style as everything was shipped in plastic bags and
rotted during the trip. I had all the appropriate paperwork and it arrived
without any delays. I would not hesitate to order from them again. They
have never been anything but professional and very willing to make things
right. I'm the lazy one.

Harry Witmore

From: "Peter Boyce" peterboyce at myjaring.net> on 2003.11.19 at 11:02:45(10835)
Hi Harry

We've had a complete overhaul on put packaging and now sandwisch the plants
with thick kitchen towel, thus keeping the leaves away from direct contact
with the plastic This seems to work very well.

Best wishes


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