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  albino or variegated Amoprh. titanum?
From: "StroWi at t-online.de" StroWi at t-online.de> on 2006.03.17 at 18:29:49(13966)

some of you might have heard of the albinotic Amorphophallus titanum of
Peter and Frank; as far as I remember Peter posted some questions about
his plant to the aroid-L.

For details pleaase search the aroid-L's archive for:

A.titanum 'ghost'

From: Fborrie at aol.com on 2006.03.22 at 19:57:18(13988)
Hi, Bernhard
I got in early 05 one Seed of A.T. from a similar source like the
others before.

From: "FrankBln" f_h_bln at gmx.net> on 2006.03.30 at 13:48:54(14025)
Hi Bernhard,

I also had a completely white titanum. The seed was originally also from
Troy (last year).


From: "StroWi at t-online.de" StroWi at t-online.de> on 2006.03.30 at 19:38:09(14038)
Hi Frank,

yes, I knew about your albinos, too, I guess from the Exotenforum or
through Peter.

From: "FrankBln" f_h_bln at gmx.net> on 2006.03.31 at 17:12:40(14045)
Hi Bernhard,

I think this is a different Frank, you are mentioning. Anyway, I cannot help
you with your other questions. I just had one seed, which was a gift from
someone else, so don't know anything about the frequency. I am not so
familiar with Amorphophallus, so I just don't know anything about variegated
or albino forms in other species.....

But I have a question about propagation from seed. I bought ten seeds of A.
paeonifolius. They came dry and I was angry, because I thought they would
never germinate. To my surprise they germinated quite quickly. Isn't there a
rule that aroid seeds have to be kept moist after harvesting to keep up the



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