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  Amorphophallus tuber?
From: StroWi at t-online.de (StroWi at t-online.de) on 2007.08.16 at 09:17:38(16103)

this picture


From: hetter at xs4all.nl (Wilbert Hetterscheid) on 2007.08.17 at 07:32:59(16105)

I don't think it is an Amorph. First off it seems to have the shape of a
short rhizome, unknown in African Amorphs. Next, every bud on the sides of
the rhizome seem to have one or two big leaf/inflorescence scars, also not
the way an Amorph grows. It must be another type of aroid. It is also not
Anchomanes. I would sooner think it may be Lasimorpha or something.

Lord P(rotector of the purity of Amorphophallus morphology)

From: crogers at ecoanalysts.com (D. Christopher Rogers) on 2007.08.17 at 16:23:37(16110)
Looks like an Anchomanes to me . . .

D. Christopher Rogers

From: crogers at ecoanalysts.com (D. Christopher Rogers) on 2007.08.17 at 17:17:30(16112)
Hiyer, Wilbert!

So, my first thought had been Anchomanes. You say no. Why am I wrong? What
salient characters did I miss?

Happy days,

From: hetter at xs4all.nl (Wilbert Hetterscheid) on 2007.08.17 at 20:56:24(16120)
Hi there Christopher and Bernhard,

I pulled my mind out of the swamp it is in this holiday and reconsidered my
position on the tuber: it may indeed be an Amchomanes as Christopher
suggests and I rejected in my previous post. I noticed upon further looking
that there are a few roots left on it which seem to be as thick as is usual
in Anchomanes. I missed the roots, which are semi-permanent in Anchomanes
but must have been removed. It is a trifle stupid that the collector made no
picture of the leaf when it was still on the plant, or conveniently didn't
show them................

From: ju-bo at msn.com (Julius Boos) on 2007.08.17 at 22:02:49(16121)
From: bogus@does.not.exist.com ()
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 05:33:49 -0000
Subject: No subject

Dear Bernhard,

Lord P(erfectly correct) and Christopher have solved the riddle, it most
probably is an Anchomanes sp.
Good Work Christopher and Wilbert!


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