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  Best sources for an amorphophallus paeonifolius?
From: onimua at gmail.com (David) on 2008.07.31 at 04:39:31(18299)

I've been searching for places to get a hold of an amorphophallus
paeonifolius. I am in South Florida, so I'm pretty sure my zone will be fine
for it. So far the places I've found are mostly overseas, charging a high
price for a particularly small tuber. Aside from that, I'm also trying to
avoid getting anything from overseas so I don't need to even think about
customs. The ones I have found that are "local" are all sold out; it just
makes me wonder how every place I turn doesn't have any for sale.

So the real question is: Are there any good soures to purchase a
paeonifolius in the US at this time? Or am I going to have to keep my eye
around and hope one crops up? I'm hoping there is as this is proving to be a
slightly elusive plant (at least for me).

Thank you.

From: ironious2 at yahoo.com (E.Vincent Morano) on 2008.07.31 at 07:17:09(18301)
Do a search for it on ebay and save the search. It will send you an email for the next 6 months for you search. I have gotten several of them from ebay. Chin in late this fall when every ones tubers are dormant. I'll have a few off setts to sell then.

--- On Wed, 7/30/08, David wrote:
From: David

From: denis at skg.com (Denis) on 2008.07.31 at 13:36:06(18303)

Since you are in South Florida Your best chance to locate one would be
the International Aroid Society's Show and Sales at Fairchild tropical
gardens on the weekend of Sept 20 & 21. There is usually a good
selection of corms as well as potted specimens of many species of
Amorphophallus. You will probably enjoy the rest of the plants at the
sales as well.


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