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  Aphis on Pistia from M. Kolaczewski
From: michael kolaczewski <mjkolaffhbc at sbcglobal.net> on 2009.07.17 at 05:16:16(19550)

More often than not, my Planted aquariums get "infested" with Collembola.

They are also known by the common name, Springtails. They look similar

to aphids. On the under side of their abdomen, is a "spring", hence their

name. They are small enough to live upon the surface of the water, or on the upper

surface of the leaves. I usually see them gathering on Anubias, Nelumbo, and Nymphaea

leaves. You can check as to which one is in your tank, by moving your finger,

a pencil, or any other object, towards them. Springtails will jump off the leaves, or even

off the surface of the water!

If they jump, they are of course Springtails. If not, They could very well be Aphids.

there are several organic products, generally plant oils, people use in ponds

to treat aphids on Aquatic plants.

I have never used these in an aquarium before, ( It is not recommended).

I employ skimmers in my aquariums, so eventually, the little guys get swept into the

filters, or the fish get them.

Michael Kolaczewski



From: Theodore Held <oppenhauser2001 at gmail.com> on 2009.07.17 at 18:14:59(19566)
Thank you, Michael.

My beasts are definitely aphids. The thing I find interesting is that
Pistia would be the last plant I would choose to infest were I an
aphid. If you look closely, Pistia will be seen to be hairy. In fact
the epidermal hairs are so long and densely packed that I am surprised
that any aphids would be able to get their mouth parts near the juicy
bits. Maybe these aphids are specialized with long mouth parts? Maybe
they somehow burrow down so they can be near enough to sip? Maybe they
can extract fluids directly from the hairs? Gosh, I dunno.

Thanks again for the response,


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