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  questions about Amorphophallus titanum
From: "Nancy Greig" <ngreig at hmns.org> on 2010.07.21 at 00:40:33(21209)
Hello! I just joined the IAS and I am happy to know
there is such a group. Currently we have an A. titanum about to bloom – perhaps tonight, finally!
We also have a corm (about 20 lbs) of a second plant acquired in 2006 that just
recently went dormant. It seems to be having some problems – some mushy
areas and a bit of whitish fungal growth on/in the mushy areas. But it is
not mushy throughout – the central portion where the growing tip emerges
seems to be fine. Parts of the bottom of the corm are mushy, and there
are some good-sized craters in the sides. When we unearthed it recently
(when the leaf died back) we found many small snails in mushy areas and also
some tiny white insects. There was an orangish mass of fungus, mushed up
corm, and insects on the sides and bottom when we dug it up. Now it sort
of looks like a tooth with cavities… Is there anything we can
do? We would hate to lose this plant. David Hunt (orchids) told us
to spray it with Consan triple action 20… Any thoughts?
Should we keep it completely out of the soil (and at what
temperature/humidity)? Normally we have left the tubers in soil in a pot
but not watered them for several months while they are dormant…

Are people familiar with the list of “publicised titan
arum blooms” on wikipedia? I assume someone British (from Kew) puts this together? I see from the list that
several institutions have plants that bloomed/are blooming this year. It
seems that June/July is prime bloom time. However, as noted our second
plant is on a totally different cycle. How common is this?

Thank you – I look forward to being a member of this




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