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  Colocasia identification
From: "::: www.StefanoBarone.net :::" <mail at stefanobarone.net> on 2010.08.27 at 16:27:21(21335)

Dear Sirs,

I am an Italian naturalistic writer and photographer and
I've bought a rhizome on E-Bay one month a go from a man who
said it belongs to a Colocasia gigantea he personally
collected in Asia.
Now I have a very small plant, but can you identify it?
Here are the pictures:
Is it really a Colocasia gigantea or it could be a more
Colocasia esculenta? What are the scientific characteristic
of a Colocaosia gigantea? Can you help me please?

Best regards
Stefano Barone

From: Peter Boyce <phymatarum at googlemail.com> on 2010.08.28 at 11:52:50(21341)
This is certainly a Colocasia, but the plant is too young to be sure that it
is C. gigantea. However, the leaves don't look anywhere near white-chalky
enough. My suspicion is that is common C. esculenta. By the way, did the
seller say just where in Asia he 'personally collected' it? Colocasia
gigantea is restricted t Sumatera, through Peninsular Malaysia up though to
S China.


From: Brian Williams <pugturd at windstream.net> on 2010.08.28 at 12:35:54(21342)
This is not Colocasia gigantea. It looks like Colocasia esculenta. A
few ways to tell are the coloration of the leaves. Gigantea will have a
light pea green color you can also tell by the sap gigantea will have
white sap which I believe is very uncommon for other Colocasia species.



From: "Denis" <denis at skg.com> on 2010.08.30 at 14:47:28(21348)
Dear Stefano:

Why don't you wait to ask until after you see it mature into a juvenile or
Adult plant. This species is out there as a tissue cultured liner from at
least one Tissue Culture lab and it is a very fast grower. This picture
looks like a liner size plant leaf of C. gigantea. Plant it in a good peat
based soil mix with slow release fertilizer in 50% shade and just watch it


From: "::: www.StefanoBarone.net :::" <mail at stefanobarone.net> on 2010.08.31 at 07:53:19(21357)
I'd like to thanks all the people that answered my question.
I will wait the specimen will grow better and then I will
post new pictures.

Regards from Italy

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