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  Hi guys
From: santoury at aol.com on 2010.09.03 at 17:53:42(21372)
How is everyone today?

I haven't gotten any requests for the "birthday list" - so I'm wondering if this got out there, or should I re-send the invite? Basically, I've volunteered to take on my idea of compiling a list of everybody's birthdays, so that we can all (voluntarily - no obligations) mail each other birthday presents of plants/seeds/books - and if it's easier, or if you're private, I'm happy to handle the shipping end of things. Feel free to email me direct.

I am driving down to Florida, from Massachusetts, and was wondering if anybody on the route would need anything transported, or delivered? I'd be happy to pick it up and drop it off. All I ask is chipping in for gas. I am leaving on or about Sept. 12.

Lastly, I wondered if any of you, either on the way, or already in Florida, has stuff to sell? I figure I might as well make the most of the trip, and pick up some cool plants. I'd love to also hear about any "must see" or "must go to" places, including parks, botanical gardens, sights, nurseries, greenhouses, you name it.

This is a business trip for me, but in this business, it's also pleasure, so bring it on!

I never leave without filling my Jeep Cherokee to the roof, with plants, so let me know what you have :)

Have a great day everyone,




From: brian lee <lbmkjm at yahoo.com> on 2010.09.05 at 01:46:56(21389)
Dear Jude,


If you are going to make the trip all the way from Massachusetts to Miami, consider looping by Sarasota and seeing the Marie Selby Gardens. Google their website. Curator Harry Luther has left, but they still have a wonderful collection of plants. I was impressed. If it is possible for you to see the non-public research greenhouses, they should not be missed. The Harry Leu Gardens of Orlando has a good collection of Philodendron of the subgenus Meconostigma, basically the self heading types. Leu Gardens has a website as well. If Eric Schimdt is about, seek his assistance. Just driving through the Everglade edges is also interesting.

As soon as you get to the IAS show, locate someone that looks like they are in charge and ask them for
assistance on your quests. Ted Held, Steve Lucas, Scott Hyndman, Albert Huntington, Lester Kallus, Ron Weeks, Enid Offolter, Marie & Steve Nock, Dennis Rotolante, etc., or all of them. Wave large handfuls of cash around and I'm sure someone will help you. Study the IAS website photos of members at the past shows, that will clue you in as far as who can help you.

Sorry, I am not into the birthday thing...I am old enough to stop counting already. Do you have specific aroid interests?

I will not be there, except in spirit. Good luck and happy collecting.





From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2010.09.05 at 20:57:44(21397)
Leland, I love you dearly but Jude you can keep the cash in your pocket
until you find a plant you want! Leland is very right there will be a
bunch of people there to help you find what you need including good
communication. Any of those Leland named will be willing to assist.

See you in a couple of weeks...........and I hope a bunch of others
reading Aroid l will be there as well. Just be sure and let us all
know you are there because the members of the IAS want to know and help!




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