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  A. splendidum Group ID, culture.
From: "Nelson, Craig E." <nelson1 at indiana.edu> on 2018.05.08 at 01:33:12(23827)
Tom, & Jonathan,

Thanks for your quick responses.

Yes, Equagen era sold it as A,splendidum.

They are also still listing three other forms as A. spendidum1-3

I have placed the pot in a large terrarium jar without a lid, a layer of rocks in the bottom and with some water In the rocks but not touching the pot. In a warm Cattleya greenhouse with bright light but not direct sun. Trying for high humidity, warm and bright. It is in moss in a slotted pot. That seems ok as it is still alive and solid after some months.

Tom, in the wild was it at low elevation and therefore hot? I could move it to cooler, less bright Phalenopsis conditions. Or to a shadier spot in the warmer greenhouse. Guesses as to what would be best?

Tom or anyone: what species is this close to?



From: "Ertelt, Jonathan B" <jonathan.ertelt at Vanderbilt.Edu> on 2018.05.09 at 19:31:23(23829)

My apologies at immediately eliminating it as A. splendidum - I was in fact thinking of another species in mistakingly applying the wrong species name. It would seem that this is indeed one form of A. splendidum. It surprises me that it went, or seemed to go dormant, as the vast majority in this genus do not do that. It also surprised me that it was found by another collector streamside, since relatively few in the genus have that claim to fame either. Nevertheless, it would seem that this is indeed A. splendidum.
Can you tell me please how large your leaf (leaves) are, and whether or not you have any sense of the mature size for this plant. Thanks. Good Growing!


From: Tom Croat <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2018.05.09 at 21:50:09(23831)
Dear Craig: Where I saw it it was less less than 300 m above sea level but despite the low elevation that area was not particularly hot owing to the very wet conditions. When you have a nice shady stream with running water the temperature is not particularly hot but probably quite uniformly moderate. I published a paper on a series of Anthurium sect. Cardiolonchium with Rick Cirino a few years ago in Aroideana. Croat, T. B. & R. N. Cirino. 2005. A Review of the Anthurium splendidum Complex (Araceae). Aroideana 28: 50-61. Some of the others were equally ephemeral but most occur at higher and cooler environments.


From: RON ILES <roniles8 at gmail.com> on 2018.05.09 at 22:32:17(23832)
Anthurium splendidum -(Ecuagenera labelled A. splendidum #4.?) This plant by any name is most beautiful to me. It appears to have spicate leaves which from my limited view I recall from Cyrtosperma never Spathiphyllum, apparently no Anthurium & other tryffids I knew and loved, The Ecuagenera potted plants seem ground hugging but the photos give me no idea of mature size. The leaves are round, the plant maybe more hydrophilic, who knows - anyway not heart shaped to hug trunks, not long and pointed at apices like the epiphytic spp - they presumably more efficient for their quick drip drying nature?. Anthurium are reported to contain calcium oxalate to deter herbivores;maybe this ground hugger needs spicules for extra defence? Can I suggest positioning in indirect/north light maybe < 500 lux in high humidity maybe with fan air circulation. Would LEDS outputing blue/red ratio balanced for plants, closed space (Ward Cabinet style) reveal optima not tolerances "Not bright light" is surely inappropriate bearing in mind the value of the patient especially with variables like grower subjectivity, longditude, altitude, temperature, gawd save us...hallucinations, sunspots and sometimes collector inconcupiscence. I have necessarily retired from the "Jungle" & now worship Bargello & Music for the good of posterity.

Love from Free Ireland

Ron Iles in his 85th Year - with kindest hopes for Denis Rotalante & Remembrances of dear Tricia & Juilius.



From: RON ILES <roniles8 at gmail.com> on 2018.05.09 at 22:47:29(23833)
Tom Croat's writing just in. My ever enthusiasm, sorry! Sounds quixotic but..in the Ecuagenera picture of the afore mentioned patient show spicules or are they leaf ornamentations?

Hi Tom from Ron😀 (prospective Anthurium lover)

On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 11:32 PM, RON ILES wrote:



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