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  Re: [aroid-l] Aroid Cook Book
From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2004.08.05 at 10:05:09(11927)
>From: "ron iles"
>Reply-To: aroid-l@lists.ncsu.edu
>Subject: [aroid-l] Aroid Cook Book
>Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 09:24:36 +0100

Dear HanniRon and Friends,
My last word on this subject, but we must learn tollerate the eating habits of different cultures, what is wonderful on our plates is REALLY abhorant to others, try ordering a porkchop or ham sandwich in Israel or Iran, or even a cheese-burger with a glass of milk in some areas of NY.
When living in Ecuador we were horrified to learn and witness that guinea pig (yes, our cute little child-hood pet!) was the national dish, they did NOT look 'pretty' b-b-q`d on a shish-k-bab, or in a styrofoam pack covered in plastic-wrap (head and all!) at the local grocery, but we had to become accostomed to this, and when I did manage to try eating one at a road-side stand it was GOOD. The middle class of England (and Ireland?) made it through WW 2 on wild-caught rabbits (woodchuck and musk-rats first cousins), and in Trinidad THE most expensive meats are Paca ( a large, nocturnal tail-less fruit eating rodent), agouti, and armadillo. Many 'country folk' (and some city folk too!) both in the N and S here in the USA still hunt and eat squirrel. My Great-grand and Grandparents 'fresh-landed' on Trinidad from France and Germany were said to have savored the deep-fried larvae of the large palm weevil (yes, an insect grub!) which t!
he native 'Indians' still eat in E. Ecuador and other Amazonian cultures. Your reference to 'smelly veggies' I find puzzling, ask any IAS member about the aroids that have been prepared and served to our members at several functions in Miami and here in WPB.
Come join us in Sep. at OUR IAS show and sale in Miami and try some! No woodchucks, muskrats, etc. can be promised.

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