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  Re: [Aroid-l] Intrageneric crossing?
From: Eugene Hoh eugene_hoh at yahoo.com.au> on 2006.01.21 at 08:53:15(13749)
hi everyone,

Surely these are frangipani, Plumeria rubra

The 'giveaways' are what look like petiole scars on
the stem in the middle picture, the venation of the
green leaf in the lower one, and the overall
disposition of the foliage (hm... very scientific!).
Though I haven't seen these variegated ones before.
Growing up in Sydney, the appearance of Plumeria has
been "imprinted" on me - they were planted in
practically every garden in the older parts of town.
As a kid, you quickly learn to recognise the
climbable-looking little trees whose branches, evilly,
snap off and send you crashing to the ground...

Speaking of intergeneric crosses... I'm reminded of
"x Homalocasia", the supposed hybrids between
Homalomena and Alocasia, which I gather were debunked
as a hoax?

As well as "x Homalocasia miamiensis" (actually
Homalomena lindenii, as mentioned in Exotica), there
seem to have been "others". One I saw in York
Meredith's collection back in the 1980s had somewhat
sagittate leaves, variegated a bit like Homalomena
wallisii. (I've not seen it since, but some
Schismatoglottis look suspicously similar...)

Does anyone remember these, or know what the story


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