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  [Aroid-l] Leaflet use for tuber production.
From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2007.01.24 at 10:41:58(15117)
Dear Friends,

It is well known that in a couple of genera of aroids, the shed or
knocked-off leaflets can and will grow into new plants. The two best known
examples are the notoriously weedy and invasive Gonotopus boivinii ( I
wonder if this is the only species in this five-species genus that does
this?), and to a lesser extent its relative, Zamioculcas zamifolia.
I am looking for any and all information on how sucessful reproduction or
multiplication has been achieved in OTHER genera of aroids by using small
cuttings or portions of leaf (like it has been done in Amorphophallus
Information which I need should include the aproximate age/condition of the
leaf cutting used, the names of rooting hormones/powder that may have been
used to coat the cut ends of the leaflets, and importantly what genera and
species of aroid has this method been attempted with, and which were
sucessful at acheiving rooting and new tuber/corm formation. etc.
I THINK that there has been information published on this, perhaps in a
back-issue of our Aroideana, so if possible I also like information on
when/where any publications concerning this method have been published.
Please contact me off-line if you are more comfortable with that.

Thanks a million.

Good Growing,


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