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  Re: [Aroid-l] Cataphill
From: DAVID LEEDY <djleedy at sbcglobal.net> on 2016.10.23 at 02:10:17(23694)

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my inquiry. As I understood it:

A cataphyll is a modified leaf which lacks a blade and in appearance corresponds to a petiole
sheath. (DOES THIS MEAN THAT A PEDUNCLE DOES NOT HAVE A CATAPHYLL??) Does a cataphyll occur only in Araceae or might it be found elsewhere (name some examples). What is the function of the cataphyll ? (to provide protection to the emerging petiole and leaf??) Do some (many or most) Aroids have cataphylls?

This is really weird language "corresponds to a petiole sheath" Why not say that the cataphyll sheaths the petiole?

As I recall, from a conversation about 30 or 40 years a go, a cataphyll that falls off the plant is called a deciduous cataphyll and one that stays on is called a persistent cataphyll.

Your comments and corrections are, as always, appreciated.

My very best regards,

David Leedy



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