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  Re: Soil mix!!/ wood by-products
From: "Celeste Whitlow" politicalamazon at charter.net> on 2002.04.04 at 04:31:01(8454)
According to one of my horticulture textbooks ("Horticulture: Principles and
Practices" by George Acquaah), the wood by-products that should be avoided
in a media mix are cedar, walnut and eucalyptus because even heavy leaching
does not sometimes remove the toxins or allelopathic (discouraging other
plants from growing nearby) qualities of the wood. Redwood should not be
used because it has high levels of manganese which can injure young plants.
In addition, growth inhibitors have been found in the barks of walnut,
cherry, cedar and white pine, as well. Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) and
slash pine (Pinus caribaea) barks do ont have growth inhibitors and thus are
the most widely used in artificial soil mixes.

Any wood by-products used should be either well-composted, nitrogenized, or
extra nitrogen will need to be given until the wood stuff starts
decomposing. This is because of the high carbon-to-nitrogen ratio of wood
products which means that the microorganisms that do the decomposing must
get their nitrogen from another source which means it puts the
microorganisms into competition with the plant for the nitrogen available in
the media/soil.

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