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The International Aroid Society(IAS) is the International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) for the Araceae, with the exception of Calla L. & Zantedeschia. Click here for a list of genera.

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Cultivar Description:
Note: Remember that to be eligible to be a cultivar, the original plant must have been propagated and shown to be stable in its characteristics. Although you will describe a typical plant in this section, a single plant is insufficient to be registered as a cultivar.

  The plant being described is years old and is:
       The original seedling    The original sport    Tissue cultured
       A division, cutting or bulbil    Seed propagated    Of an unknown history
    Obtained from: The originator    A nursery    Other/unknown source
   The plant described is growing in
City State Country
   Growing In the open    Under shade    In a greenhouse Unknown
   Plant Habitat: Terrestrial    Epiphytic Aquatic Unknown
   Plant Habit: Clumping    Vining    Unknown
   Plant Growth Rate
   (Compared to parent): Slow    Moderate    Fast    Unknown
  Height Width  
    Plant Size cm cm  
   Does the plant become dormant in an underground structure? YES    NO    Unknown
Leaf Description:
  Width Length 
  Leaf Blade Size cm cm  
  Leaf Shape, Texture and Appearance
    Leaf Shape:   Leaf Margin:
    Leaf Base:   Leaf Texture

    Leaf Form:     Number of Vein Pairs ( range ) :
    Leaf Surface:
  Leaf Color
    Upper surface:
    Lower surface:
   Is the upper surface of the leaf variegated? YES    NO
  Petiole ( Leaf Stalk )
    Petiole Size:     Petiole Shape:

    Petiole Color and Appearance:     Petiole Surface:
Information about Flowering/Fruits/Seeds:
  Has this cultivar ever flowered? YES   NO
Inflorescence Detail:
      Spathe Exterior Color:
      Spathe Interior Color:
      Spathe Size: cm   Spathe Shape:
      Spadix Color:
      Are the male and female flowers mixed or separate on the spadix? Mixed    Separate   
      Is there a detectable fragrance? YES    NO   
      Inflorescence Size: cm
      Does it set seed? YES    NO    Unknown   
Distinguishing Characteristics:
What features make this cultivar unique from other plants of the same genus?
Is the epithet(name) in use in another genus of aroids?   YES   NO   Unknown
Example Pictures:
You may upload up to 3 example pictures of the plant, in JPEG format, of less than 300kB in size. This means you may need to resize the photos before you upload them, using a program like irfanview.
By submitting images through this form, you represent that you are the legal copyright owner of those images and you hereby grant to the International Aroid Society, Inc. a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable copyright license to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute Your Contributions and such derivative works.
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