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About the Aroid Cultivar Wiki

The International Aroid Society is the official registrar for the Araceae, with the exception of Calla L. & Zantedeschia. Click here for a list of genera. Dr. Derek Burch remains reluctantly in charge of the cultivar registration effort.

The Aroid Cultivar Wiki is provided as a tool for the Aroid community to document Aroid cultivars of any and all Aroid genera. Here you will find descriptions, photographs and discussion of known cultivars, both those officially registered and those many which remain unpublished.

How to Add a Cultivar

Register to Edit the Wiki

Registration and approval is necessary to add to this wiki, though anyone may browse the entries. Officially recognized cultivar entries are frozen, while those which are still in the process of being recognized are open for additional information to be added.

Please email to request an account with edit privileges. Include your desired user name.

Don't Want to Register?

You can also just email me the names you'd like to have added to the list, with as much information as possible about the cultivar, including any photos, origin information, etc.

If you would like to register a cultivar using the old long from, it remains available here. The short form is also available here.

Instructions For Adding or Modifying an Entry

You may need to know a little bit of Wiki markup language to edit a page, but generally it's pretty straightforward, and anyone should be able to have a go at it.

If you need to ADD a name that's not already there, edit the Genus page to add the name in its proper alphabetic place on the list. The name should be on a separate line and be surrounded by double brackets like this:

 [['Anthurium safari']]

Once you have added the name, or if the name is already there, you can simply click on the name to generate an entry for that cultivar. If nothing was there before, the page will be pre-populated with a set of headings and questions that you will want to answer in order to document the cultivar fully. Please remove all questions and any unused headings before you submit the page for publication.

The Cultivar List

Named cultivars are documented here from the following genera ( so far ). Click on any genus to see the cultivars. Please see the genera pages for a complete list of genera.

About Cultivars and Registration

How to Name a Cultivar: A useful essay on cultivar naming from the ISHS is available here.