The Genus Anthurium

by Thomas B. Croat

The genus has an estimated 1000 neotropical species and has long been considered a member of the subfamily Pothoideae . The genus is characterized by its net-reticulated leaf blades, bisexual flowers arranged in uniform spike-like spadices subtended by a persistent and free spathe.

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  Selected Anthurium Species


Anthurium alatum Engl.

Anthurium angamarcanum Sodiro

Anthurium antioquiense Engl.

Anthurium arisaemoides Madison

Anthurium aristatum Sodiro

Anthurium bakeri Hook f.

Anthurium breviscapum Kunth

Anthurium caramantae Engl.

Anthurium caucanum Engl.

Anthurium corrugatum Sodiro

Anthurium crystallinum Linden & Andre

Anthurium cupulispathum Croat

Anthurium dressleri Croat

Anthurium ernestii Engl.

Anthurium esmeraldense Sodiro

Anthurium flavoviride Engl.

Anthurium flexile (J.F. Macbr.) Croat & R.A. Baker

Anthurium formosum Schott

Anthurium fragrans Croat & Bay

Anthurium graciliacuminatum Croat

Anthurium heterobacca Croat

Anthurium jenmanii Engl.

Anthurium lancea Sodiro

Anthurium longipeltatum Matuda

Anthurium longispadiceum K. Krause

Anthurium manizalense Croat

Anthurium martae Croat

Anthurium mcdanielii Croat

Anthurium mindense Sodiro

Anthurium moronense Croat & Carlsen

Anthurium nymphaeifolium K. Koch & Bouch

Anthurium obtusum (Engl.) Grayum

Anthurium ochreatum Sodiro

Anthurium ovatifolium Engl.

Anthurium panduriforme Schott

Anthurium pentaphyllum

Anthurium pittieri var. fogdenii Croat

Anthurium podophyllum (Schltdl. & Cham.) Kunth

Anthurium polyschistum R.E. Schult. & Idrobo

Anthurium pulchellum Engl.

Anthurium pulverulentum Sodiro

Anthurium purpureospathum Croat

Anthurium recavum Croat

Anthurium rotundistigmatum Croat

Anthurium rugulosum Croat

Anthurium sanguineum Engl.

Anthurium scabrinerve Sodiro

Anthurium scandens ssp. pusillum Sheffler

Anthurium sparreorum Croat

Anthurium subcarinatum Engl.

Anthurium subtrigonum Sodiro

Anthurium tremulum Sodiro

Anthurium umbrosum Liebm.

Anthurium urbanii Sodiro

Anthurium ventanasense Croat

Anthurium weberbaueri Engl.

Anthurium wendlingeri G. M. Barroso

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