ContentsPhilodendron davidsoniiPhilodendron davidsonii var. davidsonii

Philodendron davidsonii subsp. bocatoranum Croat, subsp. nov.

TYPE: Panama. Bocas del Toro: Ojo de Agua, 7 km W of Almirante, 190--220 m, 9E16'N, 82E28'W, 4 Aug. 1976, Croat 56853 (holotype, MO-3636098--99). Type live at MO. Type plant is a recollection of a sterile live collectonvouchered as Croat 38177 on 8 July 1983. Figures 19,131--135.

Internodia 4--9 cm diam.; cataphylla obtuse vel acute 2-costata, persistentia intacta nodis superioribus, tum decidua aut semi-intacta basi; petiolus complanatus vel acute sulcatus adaxialiter, 50.5--67 longus; lamina 58--76.5 cm longa, 25--35 cm lata; inflorescentia 2; pedunculus 5.5--6 cm longus; spatha 23--25 cm longa.

Internodes 1--2 cm long, 4--9 cm diam.; cataphylls 28--45 cm long, ca. 6 cm wide, unribbed to bluntly ribbed to sharply 2-ribbed near apex, persisting semi-intact at base; petioles 50.5--67 cm long, flattened to sharply sulcate adaxially with adaxial margins conspicuous and erect, maroon ring at apex weakly apparent; blades 58--76.5 cm long, 25--35 cm wide; basal veins 1--4, prominently ascending, all free to base or weakly coalesced at base to 1 cm; primary lateral veins 10--16 per side, departing midrib at 50--55E angle. INFLORESCENCCES 2 per axil; peduncle 5.5--6 cm long; spathe 23--25 cm long; flowers with style similar to style type B, lacking a boss; style apex flat; stigma subdiscoid, unlobed. Berries not seen.

Flowering in Philodendron davidsonii subsp. bocatoranum occurs during July (based on only two collections).

Philodendron davidsonii subsp. bocatoranum is endemic to Panama, known only from the type locality in Bocas del Toro, at 190 to 220 m elevation in Premontane wet forest.

The taxon is distinguished by its thick, short internodes, two-ribbed, deciduous cataphylls, long, sharply sulcate petioles and ovate-oblong blades acute at the base.

Philodendron davidsonii subsp. bocatoranum differs from the typical subspecies in having blades acute rather than decidedly lobed at the base and 11 or fewer primary lateral veins (versus about 16 or more) arising at more acute angles with the midrib (50-55E versus 65-75E).

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Additional specimen examined.

PANAMA. Bocas del Toro: vic. of Ojo de Agua, 7 km W of Almirante, 190--220 m, 9E06'N, 82E28'W, Croat 38177 (CAS, HUA, M, MO, SCZ, VEN).