ContentsP. subsect. PsoropidumP. subsect Philodendron

P. subsect. Solenosterigma(Klotzsch ex Schott) Engl.
in Martius, Fl. Bras. 3(2): 139. 1878.

Basionym: P. grex Solenosterigma Klotzsch ex Schott, Syn. Aroid. 81. 1856.
LectoTYPE: P. scandens K. Koch & Sello (= P.hederaceum) (designated by Mayo, 1990, p. 61).

As treated by Krause, this appears to be a very natural group, consisting of P. hederaceum, the type species, as well as P. consanguinium Schott and a number of their relatives. Philodendron fuertesii K. Krause, P. krebsii Schott and P. urbanianum K. Krause all closely resemble P. consanguinem and P. marginatum Urb., P. prieurianum Schott, P. oxycardium, P. micans and P. melanochrysum Linden & André are all synonyms or subspecies of P. hederaceum.

Other species included by Krause in P. sect. Solenosterigma include P. purpureoviride (aside from P. hederaceum and P. brevispathum, the only other species of the group that occurs in Central America), P. jenmanii K. Krause and P. scabrum K. Krause. The latter two species are now considered synonyms of P. muricatum Willd. ex Schott. Though probably belonging in P. sect. Solenosterigma (along with the two synonyms already placed here) Krause placed P. muricatum in P. sect. Calostigma.

Philodendron brevispathum is transferred here from P. subsect. Cardiobelium (Schott) Engl. since it appears to be closely related to P. muricatum.