International Aroid Society
Annual Show and Sale
Member Sales and Vendor Information

Vendors please note that all material offered must be nursery propagated. See the IAS statement on illegal wild collection for more information.

Members Sales Table
To sell plants at the members sales table, you must be a member of the IAS in good standing.

  1. Members wishing to sell must pre-register to be assigned a vendor number. Contact Albert Huntington for more information.
  2. All Plants sold must be Aroids, members of the Plant Family Araceae, free from pests and disease, and identified by name. No plants listed on the most current Florida Exotic Pest Plant List in Category I may be sold. As of 2015, this includes Colocasia esculenta,Pistia stratiotes and Syngonium podophyllum.
  3. All plants placed on the members sales table must have two pot sticks. One pot stick must have at least the name of the plant. The other pot stick must have at least the members vendor number and price of the plant. The second stick will be removed for accounting purposes at the time of sale.
  4. All plants not sold must be removed from the show venue by the member at or before the end of the show on Sunday afternoon, or the excess plants will be disposed of.
  5. The IAS will retain 25% of the sales price, and collect Florida State Sales Tax which will be remitted to the state. A check for the remaining 75% of sales price will be mailed to the selling member within one month of the show.
  6. All vendors should be aware that in an open sales environment like this, plants and/or tags are occasionally misplaced. While we do our best to keep track of everything and this is a very rare occurrence, by offering your plants for sale on the members sales tables, you agree to absolve and indemnify the IAS, its members and officers of any liability for misplaced items.
Rules for Vendors at International Aroid Society Annual Show and Sale
To be a vendor at the annual show and sale you must be a member of the IAS in good standing and contribute four plants to the Auction sale to be held at Banquet on Saturday night.
  1. All Plants sold should be Aroids, members of the Plant Family Araceae.
  2. All sales must be recorded in Receipt Book given to you at beginning of show.
  3. Unless presented evidence that a customer is not required to pay Sales tax on their Purchases, by Florida State law you are required to collect 7% sales tax on the total amount of sale. If you do not have a Florida Department of Revenue Sales Tax Certificate, the International Aroid Society will transmit the amount of the tax you collect on your receipt book to the State.
  4. At the end of the show, and before leaving the facility on Sunday, you will remit to the International Aroid Society Inc:
    • Your Receipt book, for audit purposes.
    • 20% of your sales for the IAS to pay the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden rent and overhead for show as well as a small amount of proceeds for our Society’s annual operating expenses,
    • And the total amount of 7% sales tax which you collected from your customers.
It’s very simple, we have just 4 rules, and we trust you will follow these rules. If you think you cannot follow these 4 rules, then please let the Treasurer of the IAS know and we will make alternate arrangements just for you.