Anthurium clavigerum Poepp.
Anth. clavigerum

Anthurium clavigerum Peopp., Nov. Gen. So. Pl. 3:84. 1845

Etymology: Club bearing, in reference to the shape of the spadix.

Distribution: A very wide spread species which reaches from Costa Rica to Bolivia and east to Brazil and the Guianas.

Sectional Placement: placed in section Dactylophyullium

Description:Very large scadent epiphyte with very long (to 6 m) stems. Stems with long internodes (1-4 cm long), Leaves, petioles up to 1 m, leaf blade divided into segments pedately arranged, segments 25-65 cm long and 4-12 cm wide with stongly sinuate margins, segments can be apically acute or rounded; Inflorescence, peduncle 1/2 the length of the petiole, spathe purple, linear lanceolate, spadix brown to purple, Berries forming only in the lower part of the spadix, purple.

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