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All listed species that are included in Tom Croat's online revisions have been linked to a corresponding page in one of the following publications. The descriptions found in these revisions is much more detailed. Click on "this species" on the individual species pages and be taken to that species page in one of the following online papers:

A Revision of Anthurium Section Pachyneurium

A Revision of the Genus Anthurium (Araceae) of Mexico and Central America. Part I: Mexico and Middle America

A Revision of the Genus Anthurium (Araceae) of Mexico and Central America Part II: Panama

If you have trouble with some of the terminology check out Standardization of Anthurium Descriptions for an explination of lingo used specifically with Anthurium.

Anthurium amnicola Dressler
Anthurium andicola Liebm.
Anthurium andreanum Linden
Anthurium argyrostachyum Sodiro
Anthurium bakeri Hook. f.
Anthurium berriozabalense Matuda
Anthurium brownii Mast.
Anthurium caucanum Engler
Anthurium cerrobaulense Matuda
Anthurium cerrocampanense Croat *
Anthurium chiapasense subsp. tlaxiacense (Matuda) Croat
Anthurium clarinervium Matuda
Anthurium clavigerum Poepp
Anthurium clidemioides Standl.
Anthurium colonicum K. Krause
Anthurium cotobrusii Croat & R.A. Baker
Anthuruim cutucuense Madison
Anthurium draconopterum Sodiro
Anthurium dressleri Croat *
Anthurium dwyeri Croat
Anthurium effusilobum Croat
Anthurium eminens Schott
Anthurium esmeraldense Sodiro
Anthurium falcatum Sodiro
Anthurium fasciale Sodiro
Anthurium fendleri Schott
Anthurium gymnopus Griseb.
Anthurium flavo-lineatum Sodiro
Anthurium fragrantissimum Croat
Anthurium friedrichsthalii Schott
Anthurium harleyi Mayo
Anthurium halmoorei Croat
Anthurium hebatatum Croat *
Anthurium huixtlense Matuda
Anthurium impolitum Croat *
Anthurium lentii Croat & R.A. Baker
Anthurium lingua Sodiro
Anthurium longipeltatum Matuda
Anthurium lucens Standl.
Anthurium madisonianum Croat
Anthurium magnificum Linden
Anthurium marmoratum Sodiro
Anthurium nervatum Croat *
Anthurium ovatifolium Engl.
Anthurium oxycarpum Poepp.
Anthurium oxyphyllum Croat
Anthurium pallidiflorum Engl.
Anthurium papillilaminum Croat
Anthurium peltigerum Sodiro
Anthurium pendens Croat
Anthurium pentaphyllum (Aubl.) G. Don var. bombacifolium (Schott) Madison
Anthurium plowmanii Croat
Anthurium podophyllum Kunth
Anthurium psuedospectabile Croat
Anthurium radicans K. Koch & A. Haage
Anthurium reflexinervium Croat
Anthurium remotigeniculatum Croat *
Anthurium rubrinervium (Link.) G. Don
Anthurium scherzerianum Schott
Anthurium spectabile Schott
Anthurium superbum Madison
Anthurium supraglandulum Croat
Anthurium tilaranense Standl.
Anthurium tysonii Croat
Anthurium veitchii Mast.
Anthurium verapazense Engl.
Anthurium vittariiflolium Engl. *
Anthurium warocqueanum T. Moore
Anthurium wendlingeri G.M. Barroso
Anthurium willdenowii Kunth
Anthurium willifordii Croat
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