Anthurium magnificum Linden
Anth. clairnervium and Anth. magnificum
Anthurium clairnervium on the left and Anthurium magnificum on the right.

Anthurium magnificum Linden, Belgique Hort. 15: 98. 1865.

Etymology: Magnificent, in reference to the stunning appearance of the leaves.


Sectional Placement: Anth. magnificum is a member of section Cardiolonchium.


Notes: The above photo (taken at Fairchild Tropical Gardens) clearly shows the difference between two sometimes confused species. Anth. magnificum is a much larger species and has quadrangular petioles, whereas Anth. clairinervium has smaller leaves, lighter coloration around the veins of the leaf blade and has terete (round in cross-section) petioles.

Although these two species appear to be closely related, they in fact do not even belong to the same section. See Anth. clairnervium for further discussion.

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