Anthurium reflexinervium Croat
Anthurium reflexinervium
Anthurium reflexinervium, photo courtesy and copyright Dewey Fisk © 1999

Anthurium reflexinervium Croat, Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 78:713-714. 1991.

Etymology: In reference to the retrose lateral veins of the leaf blade.

Distribution: Known only from Tingo Maria in Huanuco, Peru.

Sectional Placement: Anth. reflexinervium is placed in section Pachyneurium

Description: An epilithic (grows on rocks) species with a short stem with close internodes; leaves held erect on short, D-shaped, petioles and forming a rosette in the typical 'birdsnest' habit, leaf blades extremely bullate and quilted; inflorescence with peduncle 2-10 times as long as the petiole, spathe, ascending to reflexed, deep olive green, spadix, violet to dark reddish purple: berries reddish violet.

For a more detailed description of this species see A Revision of Anthurium Section Pachyneurium. This is the type description for this species.

Notes: Anth. reflexinervium has some of the most dramatic leaves in the genus. This photo (courtesy and copyright © 1999 Dewey Fisk) says it all. This species has been working its way into cultivation over the last several years. Recently, The International Aroid Society auctioned off ten seedlings for the benifit of the society. Rumoured to be of difficult culture, we will try to find more info on growing this beautiful plant. Keeping the leaves dry has been suggested as this plant grows on rocky slopes exposed to the sun in its natural habitat.

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