Anthurium scherzerianum Schott
anthscherz.jpg - 17732 Bytes Anthurium scherzerianum Schott, Oesterr. Bot. Wochenbl. 53. 1857.

Etymology: Named for the collector of the type material (Scherzer).

Distribution: The type is said to have been collected in Guatamala, but no specimens have ever been collected there. This was probably an error and the species probably only occurs in Costa Rica.

Sectional Placement: Anthurium scherzerianum is in section Porphyrochitonium and is the type species for the section. Schott and Engler, both, included A. scherzerianum as the only species in section Porphyrochitonium based on its large and brightly colored spathe.

Description: Description of the wild form of this species.

IIlustration: Illustration is labeled Anthurium scherzerianum var. warocqueanum L. Linden & Rodigas. In Croat's online Anthurium Nomenclature and References, this variety is placed into synonomy with A. scherzerianum var. rodigasianum Engl. The typical form of A. scherzerianum has a solid red spathe with a dark red-orange spadix.

Notes: Anthurium scherzerianum is one of the most popular anthuriums to grow as a houseplant due to wide availability, managable size (many Anthuriums get quite large), and continuous popularity since it's discovery and description in 1857. Many varieties have been named, mostly by Engler in Das Pflanzenreich, 1905.

  • A. scherz. var. albo-punctatum Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. albo-striatum Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. atrosanguineum hort.
  • A. scherz. var. aurorae hort.
  • A. scherz. var. bruxellense F. Peeters, non Lindley
  • A. scherz. var. carnotianum Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. eburneum Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. foliatum Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. gallicum Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. gandavense Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. giganteum Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. minutepunctatum Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. peetersianum Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. rodigasianum Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. stipitatum Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. vallerandiae Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. viridescens Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. viridimaculata Engl.
  • A. scherz. var. williamsii (Williams) Engl.

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