Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 18, Number 1 (1995); Pages 46-148
Contributions to the Araceae Flora in northwestern Pichincha Province
By Thomas B. Croat and Jimena Rodriguez de Salvador     (Buy)


This is the first in a planned series of local florulas leading to the complete revision of the Araceae for Ecuador. The ENDESA reserve, operated by the Universidad Catolica is located in central Ecuador in an area of Premontane rain forest. The flora, now known to have 76 species of Araceae is still poorly known except for Anthurium, the subject of this revision. Thirty-two species of Anthurium are treated. Ten new species and one new variety are described. New taxa are Anthurium balslevii Croat &J. Rodriguez, A. cabuyalense Croat & J. Rodriguez, A. cupulispathum Croat & J. Rodriguez, A. hebetatilaminum Croat &J. Rodriguez, A. jaramilloi Croat & J. Rodriguez, A. jimenae Croat, A. magnifolium Croat & J. Rodriguez, A. nigropunctatum Croat & J. Rodriguez, A. pulverulentum Sodiro var. adsimile Croat & J. Rodriguez, A. rodrigueziae Croat, and A. silanchense Croat & J. Rodriguez. One new combination is made, Anthurium propinquum Sodiro var. albispadix Croat & J. Rodriguez.


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