International Aroid Society Website Privacy Policy

Version 2021.02.24 - updates to contact information

What Information do we Collect?

  • Our server logs record the time of your visit and your IP address.
  • Any information you may fill in on a form on our website, including your name and contact information, and information necessary for the use of our cultivar registry, trading website, etc.

How do we use your Information?

  • We aggregate and use your visit informtion recorded in our server logs to measure the popularity of individual parts of our website. We do NOT track individual visits to our website.
  • If you supply your contact information as part of a submission to the cultivar database, we may publish your contact information along with the cultivar description. That's required as part of any cultivar registration.
  • If you supply your e-mail address, we may use it for administrative e-mails related to the section of the website for which you supplied it - this mostly relates to cultivars, again.
  • If you are a member:
    • We store your login information in a cookie on your computer so that we can tell when you are logged in to the members area.
    • We list your contact information in the membership directory, which is only available to other paid members.
    • We use your contact information to send you the newsletters and journal you paid for when you subscribed, as well as occasional administrative e-mails.
  • If you want to unsubscribe or remove your information: simply follow the instructions at the bottom of the e-mail you receive, or contact .

How do we protect your Information?

  • Your personal information is stored on our web server in password protected areas. Only those directly involved with membership or web services have access to your information.

Do we disclose your information?

  • We do not normally disclose any information you give us to third parties, other than the situations listed above where it may be made public ( ie: cultivar registration ) or disclosed to other members ( ie: membership directory ).
  • We may confirm your valid membership status only to vendors who are participating in our affiliate discount programs and who wish to verify that you are a member. Note that we do not give them any membership information directly, only verify if they ask whether you specifically are a paid-up member.

Random legal stuff:

  • By using our website, you consent to our privacy policy.
  • If we change our privacy policy, it will be updated on this page.
  • If there are any questions regarding this policy, you may contact us using the information below:
    International Aroid Society
    PO BOX 43-1853
    South Miami, FL 33143